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The Daughter of Ravenswood Trilogy is low heat, new adult, urban fantasy with mild violence and cussing.
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Path Unchosen


I should have died. People I trusted certainly tried hard enough.


Instead, I wake in a mysterious old mansion in the arms of an otherworldly stranger.


I can’t return to the orphanage, not after they tried to kill me. I won’t return to that life of fear and suspicion. I know I’m different, but Magic? What the hell?


It gets worse. I can raise the dead. I’m dangerous. I can do great harm. But mine is not the only secret in Winterhurst. A powerful sorcerer is waiting for the perfect moment to strike me down.


If I can’t learn to harness my gift—and resist the lure of disquieting dark power—he will end my new life before it’s even begun.


Fans of new adult urban fantasy, full of mystery with unpredictable twists and turns will devour this story.  


Truth Unveiled


Meagan Greystone thinks she’s finally found peace, except for a voice in her head promising power beyond her imagination.


Desperate for answers, Meagan turns to the spirit of her dead father, but attempting to contact him results in a disaster of paranormal proportions. Her cruel and supernaturally gifted great-grandfather rises from beyond the grave and gives her a choice, join him or defeat him. 


Can she win, or will she lose everything in the battle?


Fate Uncertain

She thought they were safe. But the undead aren’t the only enemy...


Meagan Greystone struggles with the Dark Arts. A major problem for a witch who can raise the dead.


Her boyfriend, Glynn Buckley, answers a plea for help in nearby Brimbank. When Meagan hears rumour of an uprising she assumes the worst and bullies her way into the locked down city. Meagan has the power and the skills to help, but this is no ordinary uprising. Something dark is going on in the old city. Something evil. Something unholy.


Glynn wants Meagan safe at home, but this determined witch has other ideas. She’s lost too many loved ones already. No way will Glynn be next.


Can Megan find a way to save many lives, as well as the one that matters most, or will she again suffer at the whim of a power that just might be too powerful after all?

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