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Being stuck on the mortal world sucks.


Being stuck on earth without powers, utterly chafes. He will have to grovel to his goddess to go home, that is when she decides his penance is done. Lord Gawain is not impressed with waking up on earth, but if Danu wants an apology she will get one.


Eventually. No matter if he's actually sorry or not. Which he isn't, of course.


That is until he meets Kitty, a brave and beautiful mechanic caught in the middle of a vicious turf war.


He can't live forever on the mortal world, but that apology that will get him home? He can't say it. Not any more. Not if it means abandoning the woman who has roused his long withered soul to life.

I know how important it is for a book to match your steam expectations:  ... this is a sensuous romance

Petticoat Pilot 2.jpg

Petticoat Pilot


In an alternative 1892, Priscilla Pegg is twenty-three, widowed and penniless. She returns home to find sanctuary and enjoy new independence—only to uncover a fiendish plot using kidnapped children to remove her Watch Commander father from office.

The Watch deem the new, experimental, silent night-flying airship in their compound unsafe to fly, but that doesn’t stop Priscilla. She knows how to handle any airship, and someone needs to stop the kidnappers. 

Intelligent and ambitious, scientist Rupert Hanley has one ambition, to gain the post of Chief Scientist in the thriving metropolis of Twin Towers. He's no time for women and their fripperies, or polite society and it's expectations. Science and research are all that matter to him.

Were all that mattered, until an intriguing female flies an experimental airship to his window. 


They try and fight their mutual attraction, but fate thrusts them together and they find themselves falling in love as they fight for their lives. 


Can Priscilla identify the plotters and save the children and her family? Will Rupert have to give up his life-long goal to be with the woman he loves? Find out and enjoy this entertaining and seductive tale.

I know how important it is for a book to match your steam expectations:  ... this is a sensuous romance

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