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Clara's Daring Debut


At age 21 Clara Penrose cannot delay her debut into society any further. Arguing with her father is getting her nowhere. The only thing Clara is looking forward to is dancing and commiserating with her long-time best friend Roland.

Unfortunately, Henry, the man her father wants her to marry, is also invited and despite her vehement objections he is intent on announcing their engagement during the ball.

Instead of an engagement announcement, Henry’s body is discovered in one of the bedrooms.


Roland has loved Clara since they first met at the frog pond at the bottom of his garden. Clara's head is full of her education and her charities and Roland is sure she will never see him as anything more than a friend.

That is until she is accused of killing Henry Norris. 


Minnie Romances a Rogue


Minnie is desperate. Her fiancé Samuel has been missing for over a week, and it's not like him to just disappear. Heightening her worry is the fact that, citing a small financial issue, he just will not settle on a wedding date. Is it really due to money, or is he getting cold feet?


She tries a little investigative work with the help of her friends, but is horrified when a visit to talk with Samuel's stockbroker, ends up with them discovering the man's dead body. What on earth has Samuel got himself involved with?


Samuel adores Minnie. But how can he marry her when most of his inheritance has been stolen by a robber baron? A man he thought was a friend. Minnie deserves better than a life of perjury. He will do anything to get the investment back. 


He doesn't expect to get bashed on the head, or shot. But somehow he makes it back to the family home, and into Minnie's arms. Trouble is, his arrival brings few answers and too many questions.


Grace's Redeeming Love

Sassy socialite Grace Stotesbury has plans for her future. None include marriage, murder or blackmail.

Nor do they include the dashing, ex-naval commander, Lord Lexington—now a charismatic Private Investigator who sets her heart pumping and skin tingling. The nerve of him.


She is the last person to see the murder victim alive—in an argument in a ballroom full of witnesses. Her situation worsens when she becomes the latest victim of an audacious blackmailer, someone who is privy to her most damning secrets.


Can she work with Lexington to clear her name and catch the blackmailer? Will Lexington capture her mind and soul as easily as he has attracted her desire?

If you love reading Ashley Gardner, Andrea Penrose, and M Louisa Locke, you will enjoy this romantic mystery. A stand-alone story in the Philadelphia Belles series.

Download now to dive into Philadelphia in 1884 and join the Belles at work and play.


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